Theoretical proposal, Fluorographane structure, is synthetised

“Since most of the properties of hydrogen are similar to those of halogens, recently performed theoretical studies on fluorinated graphane showed that the incorporation of fluorine into graphane would lead to additional opening of the band gap”

Estrutura de Fluorografano

In 2013, we have published an article in Nanotechnology:
Paupitz, R., Autreto, P. A., Legoas, S. B., Srinivasan, S. G., van Duin, A. C., & Galvao, D. S. (2013). Graphene to fluorographene and fluorographane: a theoretical study. Nanotechnology24(3), 035706.
about a new structure, which I have called Fluorographene.
Today, February 2015, I am glad to write that this theoretical structure has been already been synthetised.
For a theoretician this is a marvellous news.
Sofer, Z., Šimek, P., Mazánek, V., Šembera, F., Janoušek, Z., & Pumera, M. (2015). Fluorographane (C 1 H x F 1− x− δ) n: synthesis and properties. Chemical Communications.

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